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Michael Stahl-David


Michael Stahl-David
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the First Michael Stahl-David fan page

Michael Stahl-David Michael Stahl-David
Michael Stahl-David Michael Stahl-David Michael Stahl-David
Michael Stahl-David
Michael being Interviewed
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Michael Stahl-David Michael Stahl-DavidMichael Stahl-David
Michael Stahl-David trivia
Schools Michael has attended:
  • Lincoln Park High School
  • Columbia College, Chicago (bachelor degree in Theater Arts)


  • He has two younger brothers

Interviews with Michael
  • Q&A: His likes, dislikes and other stuff here
  • His work in Cloverfield  interview
  • His character in the Black Donnellys interview
  • His stage career  interview

Michael's next project

  • The Project (Renart Films), 2008

The Project - Michael Stahl-David

Dear Michael (fan letter to Michael)
Michael, if you're reading this, we loved you in Cloverfield. You must be getting a ton of scripts now! Looking forward to your next project, and keep it real, always!02.05.2008
Michael's filmography
  • Cloverfield (2008, movie)
  • The Black Donnellys (2007, TV series, all 14 episodes)
  • Law & Order Criminal Intent (2007, TV series, Players episode)
  • Uncle Nino (2003, movie, supporting role)
  • New Port South (2001, movie, supporting role)
Michael's stats and bio

Born:      1982, Chicago Illinois

Height:    5'10" (1.78m)

Currently: Actor (stage, television and big screen)

Best known from:

  • Cloverfield (2008) movie
  • The Black Donnellys TV series

Past jobs:

  • Starbucks barrista
  • Pedi-cab (bike taxi) driver
  • Graffiti artist

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